*This is another friend's baby, not today's baby.  However today's bebe was also wearing a top with cute animal ears.  Love it.  Love them.

Welcome to the soft (re)launch of maryworld, baby! The Mets just won game 2 of post-season vs the Cubs, and I am drinking a tasty La Fin du Monde beer. I’m a Yankees fan, but since they’re out, I’m happy the Mets are 2-0 in the series… this means my other friends/neighbors are happy, which is a sweet feeling to have in the air (compared to all the other usual doomy news/attitudes.)

One thing i’ve learned to stay happy is to banish the thoughts that begin: “if only…” -and instead keep seeding thoughts with: “thank God….”.

I once took a workshop with Dr. Daniel Amen, a neurologist who wrote popular books such as “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”, and he said when you handwrite 5 things you’re grateful for before you sleep, you can rewire your brain to be happier. Why not try it?  Major upside, very minor downside.  (Just what I like.)

Not exactly handwritten, but here’s my list for tonight:

1) I’m thankful for old friends who introduce me to their new babies, over delicious Salted Caramel Macchiatos (Starbucks).
2) I’m thankful for Starbucks, even though I may be weary of chains, I appreciate consistent quality.
3) I’m thankful to have a 11-year old puppy who is cuddling by my side.
4) I’m thankful for John E. -whose technical expertise and long-lived encouragement has made this blog possible.
5) I’m thankful it didn’t freeze last night, so I can still harvest the parsley and oregano that the deer/rabbits/groudhogs have left. (They polished off the basil a long time ago, hungry bastards.)

Ok, your turn!  :)